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chiarman Chairman - Jun-ho Jeon

Dear residents of Ansan!

I sincerely welcome you to the homepage of the Ansan City Council.

Representing city residents, the council not only decides policies for the municipal government,
but also exercises checks and balances and takes regulatory actions to prevent unfair treatment.

Speaking for its constituents, the Ansan City Council has put numerous efforts over the past 20 years toward solidifying grassroots democracy and developing local autonomy.

The council will continue to do its best to stand for and communicate with the people to become a trustworthy friend by practicing active parliamentary politics.

I kindly ask for your interest and encouragement so that the Ansan City Council will develop and soar as the agency that represents the will of Ansan residents. I sincerely hope that health and happiness will always be with you and your families.

Thank you very much.