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chiarman Chairman - Jun-ho Jeon

Dear residents of Ansan!

I sincerely welcome you to the homepage of the Ansan City Council.

With the hopes and expectations of all citizens, the 8th Ansan City Council was launched.

In the first half of the eighth half, the Ansan City Council will focus all its powers on laying the groundwork for Ansan to become the first economic city in the province.

In addition, we will faithfully fulfill the parliamentary role of checking the executive branch that you have entrusted to you, such as the right to review budget, to inspect administrative affairs, and to establish ordinances.

Above all, all members of the Ansan City Council will do their best to create a comfortable and happy Ansan by developing practical policies and systems to improve the quality of citizens ' lives.

As citizens set out to achieve their goal of " realizing the will of the people, " we ask the city council for their support and happiness and health to your family.

Thank you.

Kim Dong-kyu, chairman of the Ansan City Council
Kim Dong-kyu, chairman of the Ansan City Council